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We focus on developing and bringing to market novel biological ingredients and import substitutes for product applications improvement for nutrition, health and skincare and industrial bio-solutions through Research and Development.


Unlock new opportunities by exploiting enzyme and microbial technologies to create benefits we can rely on today and in the future while preserving the Earth's resources.

Contract Research Solutions

We collaborate with pharmaceutical, companies, universities, government organizations and foundations to provide Early Phase Discovery services, as well as support to investigate the efficacy of new product.


Leveraging our fully equipped and certified laboratory facility, we offer university students and lecturers access to a pool of talent and capabilities required to deliver their academic research project.

Labware, Chemicals
& Equipment

We deliver quality laboratory wares, biological chemicals (master-mix, DNA ladders, loading dyes, restriction enzymes, buffers, primers, reagents etc.) and appliances to our customers through our strategic alliances.

Experience is everything

Our multidisciplinary team with a track record of successful projects implementation, as well as our commitment to promoting the highest standards of competence in science has helped us translate ideas into product innovations.

What's New

FOWM Biotechnology Limited (FBL) continues to contribute to global knowledge whilst building national capability

FOWM rolls out Buffer Solutions

Commercial development and sale of Transport Medium and Buffers hitherto imported into the Nigerian market.

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Improving Anti-Dermatophytic drugs

As part of its ambition to be a responsible and reliable discovery contract research partner, we successfully researched and identified a new biological compound that can improve the efficacy of certain anti-dermatophytic drugs

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We continuously add value to customers' research project and the society at large while delivering quality experience.

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